Your journey starts right now. Click above to get the train rolling by selecting departure date and budget.  Or scroll down for a quick step-by-step introduction to how it all works.

Introducing the tray

This is where we serve you

The tray is where you plan, view, save and book your journey. It slides out from the right side of the screen, and you can collapse it when you prefer to view a fullscreen presentation of a destination. 

The tray has two tabs: Plan Journey,  where you click your way through Europe. And My Journey, where you find  an overview of the journey so far. 




step one

Choose your budget and date

If this is your typical travel outfit, you'll probably want our Luxury collection. You can also choose First or Standard. Each comes with our unique One Daily Rate which never changes and always includes rail travel, private transfers, hotels, and (if you choose First or Luxury) amazing local experiences. 

Step two

Find your start city

You may start your journey in any of the 50 cities in our collection. The map shows you the most popular. Just zoom in on the map to see them all. You do not have to return to the same city; end the journey wherever you desire. 

Not quite sure where to start or where to go?  You'll find a link to five of our own favourite itineraries for your inspiration. If you absolutely love one of these journeys, you can book it with one click. 


step three

Stay an extra day - or continue the journey 

You may stay as long as you wish in this and every other city. Remember, when you travel First and Luxury and stay more than one night, we offer amazing local experiences (how about a flamenco show in Seville?) or the complimentary use of a car. 


step four

Pick your next destination

We present you with the cities in our collection that are just a few hours away from where you are now. So, wherever you go, your journey is guaranteed to be a breeze. 

One click, and the city is yours. Rail travel, private transfers, hotel and experiences are automatically reserved, without you having to lift a finger.



Your journey awaits

Book, save or share your journey

In no time you'll have tailor-made a unique and very personal journey through Europe. Review the itinerary in the My Journey tab of the tray. 

Then book it with one click. Or save it and share it with friends and family. By creating a profile, you can come back anytime and book it - or maybe fiddle a little more with it.

You can also create several different journeys and save them in your personal library.  Good luck choosing between two or three amazing journeys.