About Us

Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark by a team with strong travel business credentials, Silver Tray is an innovative travel tech platform that enables travellers to easily plan and book European train vacations. 

We're passionate about rail travel and believe it's the finest way to experience Europe. We're also amazed at how impossibly complicated it can be for a tourist to plan and book a European rail journey. So we've decided to enable everyone to tailor-make their very own and guaranteed perfect rail vacation in a matter of minutes. 

There's nothing even remotely like Silver Tray on the market today. Silver Tray's curated rail map, presenting only fast and direct connections to attractive destinations, provides the tourist with a level of transparency and ease-of-use  unheard of  in the rail vacation market. Features like One Daily Rate - a set rate that includes all essentials and never changes - are unique in the entire travel business. 

Our board of directors


Henrik Fuglsang
Chairman and shareholder

Henrik is involved in several businesses and is the former CEO of Nyhavn Rejser, a succesful luxury travel agency in Denmark for over 20 years.


Lars Thuesen
Board member and shareholder 

Lars is the major share holder of several companies including Air Baltic, Jet Time, Basis Bank of Denmark and Dutch travel agency Travel Trend. Lars is former Finance Director of SAS and Managing Director of Airtours.


Jesper Rovsing Olsen
Board member & co-founder

Jesper is a former Managing Editor of a number of publications, including travel media. He has a background in  concept development, and is passionate about European rail travel.


Peter Rasmussen
Board member & co-founder

Peter is the former Commercial Manager for British Airways, Iberia and American Airlines in Northern Europe. He has a wide network in the travel industry and has worked in the United States and several European countries.


Stig Thygesen
Board member and shareholder 

Stig holds various board memberships in the travel trade and was formerly Managing Director of Novia - an airport ground handling company based in Copenhagen Airport.


Mikael Vest
Board member and shareholder 

Mikael is an acclaimed strategy expert and has extensive experience from board work in a range of companies. Among other things he is the founder of Vinderstrategi A/S, advising companies on strategic development.


Rolf Garde
Board member and shareholder 

Rolf is a serial entrepreneur and business angel with investments in over 20 companies. He has led over 100 IT and strategic projects for various customers and has strong commercial acumen.



Contact us


Peter Rasmussen
+45 4058 1117

Jesper Rovsing Olsen
+45 3118 1068



Office phone numbers:

Denmark: +45 3164 5200

Sweden: +46 40-693 98 11

Great Britain: +44 20 7097 9372

United States: (347) 901-4910