the very best of spain

Andalusian Dreams

13-DAY TOUR OF spain

barcelona | Madrid | seville | granada
ronda | cordoba | madrid 


This grand journey may start in the bustling metropolises of Barcelona and Madrid, but soon it takes you deep into Andalusia with its ancient cities and fairy-tale sights. Even the long distances on this journey are covered in a few, brief hours on lightning-fast trains - som of the most modern in the world.


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barcelona  |  DAY 1 AND 2

Like London, just with endless sunshine 

Everyone wants to go to Barcelona, and you’ll soon understand why. It has the cultural and design clout of cities like London, but with the added benefit of endless sunshine, great beaches, and an unbeatable foodie scene.

Take a stroll down shadowy lanes of the Gothic quarter, past tranquil plazas and soaring 14th-century cathedrals. See the mesmerizing masterpieces of the world’s most creative and unusual architect, Gaudí. Hit the important museums devoted to two local citizens, Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró. Finish off the last hours of sunshine with a sundowner on one of the city’s seven beaches, then head for dinner at a Michelin-starred temple or at a humble, family-run tapas bar. 

madrid  |  DAY 3 AND 4

The insider's choice

Tourists flock to Barcelona. Madrid? Not so much. Madrid and Barcelona are arch rivals in everything from politics to football. Barcelona wins out as the most popular city, which just means that Madrid has far fewer tourists. One result of that is that the city is better value. Another result is that is the nightlife – which is even livelier here than on the coast - is almost entirely local. 

But what the capital especially has going for it are two kinds of masterpieces: The incredible art and the fantastic food. The art scene comes courtesy of the New World, which Spain plundered so effectively that the royals were flush with money and could afford to shower riches upon the finest artists of the day. They did so for centuries, and museums like the Prado and the Reine Sofia are legends on the scale of the Louvre.

seville  |  DAY 5 AND 6

Great riches in a small city 

Seville is not a big town, but its historical riches and everyday pleasures are enormous. This was the port from which Columbus and the Spanish conquistadors set off for the New World, and the resulting wealth is evident everywhere.

Walk the beautifully decorated, narrow streets of the Barrio Santa Cruz with its maze of old Jewish buildings and enchanting squares. The old town is also where you find the breathtaking Alcázar Palace. Like the cathedral it has both a Muslim and Christian past, and the result is something straight out of the Arabian Nights – or maybe Game of Thrones, which used the palace as a set. 

granada  |  DAY 7 AND 8

The treasure of Andalusia

Granada is a place of breath-taking beauty. This is where you find serene Islamic architecture and Arab-flavoured street life, plus monumental churches, plus old-school tapas bars. Want more? Add the hilltop fortress of the Alhambra Palace, the greatest surviving relic of Andalusia’s 800 years under Moorish rule. Still not enough? Then how about the scenic backdrop of the Sierra Nevada Mountains to complete the fairy-tale.

Granada was the capital of a Moorish kingdom from the 13th until the 15th centuries – in fact, this was the last bastion of the Moors in Spain when the Catholic King captured the city in 1491. This is why Granada’s cathedral was once a mosque, and why the old town and the spice market both have authentic Arabic flavours. 

ronda  |  DAY 9 AND 10

Cliffhanger city 

Imagine if a couple of thousands of years ago someone had built an enchantingly beautiful town on the edge of the Grand Canyon. You’d want to visit, wouldn’t you? The El Tajo gorge is 330 foot deep, so the comparison with the Grand Canyon is a bit of a stretch. Still, this is a spectacular cleft in a dramatic landscape, and you will be staying in one of the most extraordinary locations in all of Spain. Surrounded by lush river valleys and sitting above a deep ravine, this is a sight that takes your breath away.

cordoba  |  DAY 11 AND 12

The capital of Islamic Spain 

Welcome to Europe’s biggest and most cultured city. Well, she used to be. Back in the day, like a millennium ago, Córdoba was the capital of Islamic Spain and the most worldly and sophisticated place you could possibly hope to visit. Today, Córdoba remains one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities in all of Andalusia. 

Córdoba has two strong claims to fame. One is the old town. And by old we mean downright medieval with winding, stone-paved lanes. Cordoba's other great claim to fame is a building. Not just any building, but one of the world’s greatest Islamic buildings, and one of the most beautiful structures you’ll ever see.