Trans-European Express

Eastern Promises

Venture east of the old Iron Curtain and discover glorious capitals of old European powers, before embarking on an epic train ride through the Alps. 


1o-DAY tour of eastern europe

berlin | dresden | prague
vienna | venice

When we departed Berlin by train for the first time, East German border guards with submachine guns and angry dogs searched underneath our wagon for would-be escapees. Yes, we are that old. So, it is a joy to be able to offer you a journey through a free and prosperous Eastern Europe, where ancient buildings and treasures once again sparkle and delight. 

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berlin  |  DAY 1 AND 2

Life here is still a Cabaret

Berlin is once again the capital of Germany. But although it is now a grand metropolis, it has kept the easy-going, live-and-let-live lifestyle that kept it going under the Cold War. Berlin is exciting, lively and with packed cafés, endless shopping, one of Europe’s best art scenes, amazing museums, huge parks, and a generous sprinkle of royal palaces and grand buildings. 

The Berlin Wall still stands along a mile-long stretch. Checkpoint Charlie is here to be visited, as is the very room where the Holocaust was planned. The Reichstag, burned down in 1933 and a hollowed-out shell for the rest of the 20th century, is now an architectural jewel. This city is not easily forgotten.

dresden  |  DAY 3 AND 4

Dresden has risen from the ashes 

Want to go somewhere spectacular that few other overseas tourists have discovered? Dresden was almost completely destroyed and wiped off the map in 1945, but the city you’ll visit sparkles with its magnificent palaces, great museums, beautiful gardens and a hopping nightlife. 

Rising majestically along the banks of the river Elbe, Dresden welcomes you with a striking skyline outlined by spires, towers and domes. One building in particular will take your breath away. The FrauenKirche, Church of Our Lady, was completely destroyed in WWII, but it has now been restored to its former status as one of the most beautiful churches in all of Europe. The huge reconstruction project is regarded as one of the most ambitious ever in the world. 


prague  |  DAY 5 AND 6

Very old. Very picturesque

Even by European standards, Prague is old. This is where a 1,100-years old skyline is dominated by ancient spires, towers and domes. ‘New’ in these parts usually means a beautiful Art Nouveau building, because the chapels and cellars are Romanesque, the cathedral Gothic, the palaces and gardens Baroque. This is where you find the oldest operating clock of its kind on the planet, and it is where you can cross a river on one of the oldest bridges in Europe. 

Other than ‘old’, the operative word in describing Prague is ‘picturesque’. The city is so beautiful, it takes your breath away. Here are plenty of must-sees, but don’t forget to occasionally get lost. Just around the corner from the beaten track you’ll find cobbled alley, small courtyards, ancient chapels, unexpected gardens, cute cafes and old-fashioned bars. 

vienna  |  DAY 7 AND 8

A very grand capital in a very small country

You may think that this seems a very grand capital for a rather small country. But then you remember that Vienna was built to rule over an empire that is no more. As you gaze upon the immense palaces and dazzling squares and boulevards, the grandeur of that empire looks very much alive: The Vienna Boys' Choir still sings Sunday Mass in the Hofburg Palace, Lipizzaner stallions still trot in the famed Spanish Riding School, and chandeliers still sparkle in the Imperial Apartments.

Choose our First or Luxury level and enjoy a complimentary walk with a local insider. Here you’ll discover that Vienna is much more than imperial pixie dust. The city is consistently voted the most liveable in the world, with locals enjoying cakes in the opulent coffee-houses, sniffing fine Austrian wines in vaulted wine cellars, or buying local delicacies in the famed food market.

venice  |  DAY 9 AND 10

An epic train journey through the Alps

So far, all your train journeys have been pleasurably short. All Silver Tray connections are like that – except in the few cases where the journey is an experience in itself. The journey from Vienna to Venice is one of those days: A stunning, seven-hour ride on a world-famous and scenic route through the Alps. Happily, you’ll be seated in one of the most spacious first-class cars anywhere in Europe for this journey. 

One of your highlights will arriving to Venice – courtesy of the Silver Tray way of travelling. As you you walk down the steps from the Santa Lucia train station and gaze upon the Grand Canal, a private water taxi awaits. It’s an unforgettable experience to sail down this grandest of canals, past palaces and churches and gondolas.  All too soon you’ll be disembarking right in front of your hotel. Travelling does not get more romantic than this.