trans-European Express

Scenic Express

From the canals of Amsterdam to the canals of Venice, with some of Europe's most scenic landscapes in between. 


12-day scenic odyssey



There are probably a couple of places here you've never heard of. Koblenz? Interlaken? But here's the thing: These places present you with more scenic beauty in a few days than you usually encounter in a whole year. 

You can go on a river cruise down the Rhine, sample stunning white wine on the shore of the Mosel, and hike amongst mighty Alpine peaks. And this is without even talking about the cities along the way: The canals of Amsterdam and Venice bookend the trip, with utterly romantic Heidelberg in between. 


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your first-class private journey

Travel on scenic rail routes
through the Apls

Carefully curated and centrally located
four-star hotels with breakfast

Private walks in each city
with a local insider

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Private transfers in. all cities.
Water taxi in Venice.

Total cost per person
at $300/day




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amsterdam  |  DAY 1 AND 2

Modern fairy-tale 

Like Venice, Amsterdam has canals. Like Venice, Amsterdam is charming and picturesque. Very much unlike the Venetians, Amsterdammers find it it perfectly natural that a kindergarten is placed in the city’s red-light district. Nowhere else in Europe does a 17th century fairy-tale collide with a 21st century free-spirited mind-set like in Amsterdam. This is what elevates the Dutch capital from quaint to unforgettable. 

You need to go to Venice to find a city with more canals, and the similarity does not end there: Both were constructed during periods of great wealth when their trading ships ruled the world. For Amsterdam, this was in the 1600s, and all the gabled houses, architectural treasures, and legendary painters, hail from that golden age.

the rhine at koblenz  |  DAY 3 AND 4

The Rhine of castles and myths 

Always dreamed of a river cruise? This the Rhine at Koblenz is as good as it gets, with Europe’s most iconic and beautiful scenery. Medieval fairy-tale castles, steeply terraced world-class vineyards, picturesque villages, and mythical rocks. 

If you’re only here for one full day, you’ll probably want to cruise the Rhine between Koblenz and Rüdesheim. This is the so-called The Upper Middle Rhine Valley - the most famous part of this river, as this is where it is at its most dramatic and scenic, the Rhine of castles and myths. 

heidelberg  |  DAY 5 AND 6

Germany's beauty 

Does the idea of a city untouched for more than 300 years appeal to you? Heidelberg has survived unscathed since a sacking back in 1690, making it possibly the most beautiful town in all of Germany.The setting of all this is befitting a fairy-tale town: Couched in a wooded valley by a river, with hills on both sides offering storybook vistas.

You definitely have to see the castle: Climb the steps that run through the lush landscape all the way up to the ruin. Constructed as a fortress in the 13th century, it was later expanded into a palace fit for Heidelberg’s imperial rulers. The ruins are the very essence of beauty and romance, as are the amazing view of the city.

the alps

the swiss alps at interlaken  |  DAY 7 AND 8

Yosemite of the Alps 

Interlaken is a charming town, with wonderful views of the mountains, and of the two lakes it is nestled between. But skip the town. You’re here for what lies just around the corner: One of the few valleys in the world that can rival Yosemite for sheer drama and beauty. 

Lauterbrunnen is even more dramatic than its Californian counterpart. This is a deep and narrow valley with vertical rock rising thousands of feet on either side. Above the granite walls, some of the most famous peaks in the Alps pierce the sky, draped in mighty glaciers. Unlike in Yosemite, you’ll also find ancient villages up there. In one of them, they invented Alpine skiing back in 1922!  

milan  |  DAY 9 AND 10

The capital of style

Milan is la vita moda – the stylish life. This is where you dress up in your sharpest outfit: Window-shopping the world’s finest fashion and design stores, enjoying sophisticated cocktails with the locals, and just blending in with the crowd, all demand it.

Milan is surprisingly compact. It’s a mere five-minute walk from the grand Duomo, through Europe’s most elegant covered arcade, to the square that houses La Scala. A short walk from here you’ll find the stunning flagship stores of all the great luxury brands. In the evening, head to the canals just outside the historic centre, where the evening comes alive with a multitude of bars, restaurants and cafes. 

venice  |  DAY 11 AND 12

Your private water taxi awaits

You will be enchanted by Venice. And one of your highlights will arriving to the city – courtesy of the Silver Tray way of travelling. As you arrive by high-speed train, you walk down the steps from the Santa Lucia train station and gaze upon the Grand Canal. Here, a private water taxi awaits to sail you down this grandest of canals, past palaces and churches and gondolas, all too soon disembarking you right in front of your hotel. Travelling does not get more romantic than this.