the very best of italy

La Dolce Vita

Italy has temptations to last a lifetime, so two weeks here will be a delicious non-stop tour of romantic cities, incredible art, wonderful scenery, and food. Oh, the food...




14-day private tour of italy

venice | COMO | milan | FLORENCE |
san gimignano | rome | amalfi coast

Full disclosure: Italy is our favourite country in all of Europe, and we've take special care to include all of our most treasured places in this once-in-a-lifetime journey. From the magic of Venice and the glamour of Milan to the treasures of Florence and the history of Rome. Plus the unforgettable scenery of Lake Como with Bellagio and the romantic towns on the Amalfi Coast. Last, but not least, one small and one tiny Tuscan town that may well end up being your most indelible memory of all. 

What's included

your first-class private journey

Travel 200 mph in first-class 
on Italy's finest trains

Carefully curated and centrally located
four-star hotels with breakfast

Private walks in each city
with a local insider

Switch the walk for a free car
and go for an all-day drive

Private transfers in. all cities
to and from the train station

Total cost per person
at $300/day




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Gondolas in Venice

VENICE  |  day i and 2

Leaving Venice is the most romantic thing ever

You will be enchanted by Venice. And one of your highlights will actually be leaving the city – courtesy of the Silver Tray way of travelling. You board a private water taxi from your hotel and sail down the Grand Canal, past palaces and churches and gondolas, and disembark right at the steps leading up to the Santa Lucia train station and your awaiting high-speed train. Travelling does not get more romantic than this.

MILAN  |  day 3 and 4

Dinner with Leonardo, drinks with supermodels

Da Vinci's Last Supper is in Milan. So are supermodels sipping cocktails in trendy bars. Join them after you've window-shopped every luxury-brand known to mankind. At night, head for the local canal-area where the nightlife is both lively and relaxed. Unless, of course, you've got tickets for La Scala. 

cinque terre  |  day 5 and 6

Rugged, isolated and hopelessly pretty

For us, the highlight of Cinque Terre is hiking the narrow trails that connect these five charming and postcard-pretty villages. They are rugged and isolated, each of them clings to the rocks above the Mediterranean, and all of them are impossibly romantic.


LUCCA  |  day 7 and 8

A small Tuscan town with a big heart

“Bellissima” is our single best way to describe Lucca, a quite small Tuscan town with a very big history.When you pass through the imposing city wall that still encircles the old town centre, you step many centuries back in time.Lucca was founded by the Etruscans over two millennia ago, and today the town is an enchanting labyrinth of medieval architecture, cobbled alleys and charming piazzas. 

street in Lucca

san gimignano  |  day 9 and 10

The Manhattan of the Middle Ages

No other train vacations get you to this most magical of Tuscan hill towns, for the very good reason that it has no rail service. But we really want you to experience San Gimignano, so Silver Tray serves up a private car transfer all the way. When you arrive, you’re in the Manhattan of the Middle Ages. A tiny town with soaring medieval skyscrapers with trophy penthouses that date back 800 years. Conspicuous wealth never looked this good.

florence  |  day 11 and 12

Bonfire of the vanities 

Yep, this is where the original bonfire happened, back in the day. And it'll be easy to imagine the scene, because the centre of Florence hasn't really changed one bit since then, maybe except more gelato bars. Florence is packed with masterpieces from a some of her original inhabitants, including Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo. But you don't even need to queue in front of the Uffizzi museum, because just walking past the elegant palaces, candle-lit chapels, marble basilicas and achingly romantic piazzas is an art-lesson in itself.   

sunset in florence

sorrento and the amalfi coast  |  day 13 and 14

Hiking on the Path of the Gods 

Right now you're thinking: I need to know how to get to the exact spot in that photo. Easy: On day two of your stay in Sorrento, pick up your complimentary car for the day (if you've chosen the First Class or Luxury level) and drive one of the most beautiful coastal roads in the world past romantic gems like Positano. Then drive up hair-pin roads until you reach the trailhead for the Path of the Gods, a fairly easy balcony trail with this view of Positano in the foreground and the isle of Capri in the horizon. Worth the effort, é vero? 

visiting rome

ROME  |  day 15 and 16

All roads lead to Rome. This one, too

Before welcoming you to Rome, dwell on this for a moment: This amazing journey has taken you all over Italy, yet in no single day have you travelled more than two or three hours at the most. That is the beauty of any Silver Tray journey. 

Anyhow, welcome to Rome. Our best advice is to walk, walk and walk. Soak up the romance of the ancient piazzas, bridges and alleys. Have a glass of limoncello in a local bar far from the madding crowds. Wander around the Forum Romanum and imagine yourself an emperor or vestal virgin. In the evening, head for the  trendy neighbourhood of Testaccio and sample authentic Italian cuisine with the locals.