Legendary hotels and extraordinary experiences.
Introducing Silver Tray's One Daily Rate, Luxury level.

Stay at legendary five-star hotels

The Danieli in Venice. Vier Jahreszeiten in Hamburg. Fairmont Montreux Palace at Lake Geneva. Your daily rate includes nights at the finest hotels in Europe.


Savour unique experiences

Sample dishes from three Michelin-star restaurants on a gourmet walking tour. Go on a private tour of legendary vineyards in Bordeaux. Whenever you stay a full day in a city, we ensure it is an unforgettable one. 


Take a Mercedes for a drive

If you prefer going for a drive rather than a curated experience, we'll place you behind the wheel of one of the finest vehicles available in your location. 


First-class rail travel

As with our First level, you'll travel first-class on Europe's finest and fastest trains.


Premium private transfers

Whenever you arrive to a city, or depart from one, we'll provide private transfers in premium cars. Because arriving and departing from an amazing place should always be magical. 


Available from summer 2019